Why yet another blog?

Enterprise development is in high demand from ILO member states as an effective way to employment creation. It is also a major generator of extrabudgetary resources (TC). The high demand can only be satisfied if we as global enterprise team manage to continuously improve the quality of project proposals, especially the logic of interventions and the indicators measuring results.

Therefore this blog tries to provide practical help how to design better project proposals based on a clear intervention logic and measurable results. It is only accessible for ILO staff working on enterprise development in order to have a protected space for sharing and peer reviewing.

What can you get here?

  • Shared Files with examples of solid log frames and results chains, a menu of indicators to select from, well written concept notes and project proposals, examples for innovative layout, graphs and pictures. The key value added is that all shared files have been used in an ILO context.
  • A peer review function: Post your questions related to the design of your interventions
  • Selected readings on the latest research and evidence concerning enterprise development


If you have any suggestions how to further improve this blog please contact Markus Pilgrim, ILO HQ. Please also send your good practice examples of log frames, concept notes etc so that we can add further templates. Uploading new files will be done from HQ in order to have consistent quality.

How probably not to do it...

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