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How to register for ENTXCHANGE?
To register for ENTXCHANGE, goto Registration page and fill in your details. An account will be created for you based on the details you provide. To avoid spam users (since its a is a webpage with restricted access) we follow a policy of admin moderation of new users. So you have to wait until admin validates your account. You will be notified once validation happens.
How can I add a consultant profile?
If you would like to add and endorse a consultant for other users on the site, please email the following details to pilgrim[at]ilo[dot]org: consultant name, contact email, technical area of expertise, regional experience and working languages. Once the profile has been created by the site admin, users can leave endorsements on the consultant's message board.
How can I search consultants by area of expertise?
For a list of consultants by area of expertise, click on the comma-separated keywords below the consultant names or use the search bar in the menu bar.
How can I post a question or document for Peer Review?
To post a question or document for peer review to all site users, simply follow the three steps below. 1. Navigate to 'Peer Review' in the menu bar. 2. Select 'Add discussion topic' and choose a meaningful subject title. The message should explain the general background and the aim of the project. Also mention by when and how you expect to receive feedback, e.g. by email or on the platform? 3. The 'Embed content' link on top of the text box allows you to embed your document as a hyperlink. Simply select the tab 'Upload a file' in the pop-up window, click on 'Choose file' and Select the uploaded file from the 'Files' tab. Alternatively, you can post a document for peer review by a restricted group. This could be a thematic group (such as the Social Finance Programme) or a group based on a particular region (e.g. East Africa). 1. If it doesn't exist yet, first create a group: Go to 'More' > 'Groups' and click the 'Create a new group' button (you can always change the group settings under 'Edit group' later). 2. To add users to the group, click on 'Invite users', select users (by names, email or csv upload) and click 'Add users'. Users will receive an email confirmation and are able to comment on group discussions. 3. Now that the group has been created, you can use the 'Group blog' to write posts with all group members receiving email notifications.
How can I change my password?
After you have logged in, go to 'Settings' in the the top bar. You can change your password under 'Account password'.